E-commerce with Sage

Sage Integrated Web Store Overview

One of the biggest drawbacks of operating a Web store is when you have to maintain your product catalogue and stock control on both your Web store and your accounting system. In addition, re-keying the online orders from your Web store into your accounting system can be very time-consuming and prone to errors. Spreadsheet exports and imports frequently require operator attention and even an online connection for exporting and importing data lacks immediacy.

Discover IT has now launched a versatile Web store application that integrates directly, in real-time with a back-end Sage 50 accounting system. The Web store addresses both Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business applications.

This software allows you to administer and maintain your product catalogue and stock control exclusively on your Sage 50 Accounts system. The Web store accesses the latest and up-to-date product prices and saleable stock availability directly from Sage, and the orders from your Web store are automatically entered into your Sage 50 system. This all happens in real-time, 24 x 7.

Sage and eCommerce Integrated Web Store Overview
  • Departments
  • Products Display
  • Products Information
  • Store Promotions
  • Shopping Basket
  • Checkout
  • Products
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Sales

Key Features of our E-commerce/Sage Integration:

  • Supports E-commerce store catalogues from a few products to tens of thousands of products.
  • Web store administration panel to organise departments, to organise the display of product variants and to administer store promotions.
  • Real-time customer registration submission to Sage 50.
  • Real-time user login authentication and price list/price group retrieval from Sage 50.
  • Real-time product price and stock level retrieval from Sage 50.
  • Real-time sales order processing, with validation and submission to Sage 50.
  • Product data updates from Sage 50 at the click of a button.
  • Automatic storage of customer registrations and orders if the Sage 50 connection link fails, and immediate transmission as soon as the link is restored.


This depends on the features you require and the number of products in your store. We can build web stores to any size or specification and would be happy to give you a fixed price quotation for a web store to your exact specification and integrated with your Sage 50 Accounts.

B2C Package (£6,995)

  • Kentico CMS Base Licence (Unlimited number of products) - perpetual license.
  • Sage 50 Connect:
    • Real-time customer registration
    • Real-time product price and stock level retrieval
    • Real-time sales order processing
    • (excludes B2B functionality).
  • Site styled with company theme (colours, font, and logo) based on standard Kentico template.

B2B Package (from £9,995)

  • Kentico CMS Base Licence (Unlimited number of products) - perpetual license.
  • Sage 50 Connect:
    • All standard integration features, PLUS B2B functionality:
    • Pay by customer credit
    • Real time customer balance
    • Custom price lists.
  • Creation of new templates and layouts.

Integration with Existing Kentico Site

Please call us for information, if you require our& assistance integrating with a new or existing Kentico CMS v6 or v7 site.

No further license fees apply.

Annual service pack subscriptions are available, if required, for continued support for the latest releases of Sage Accounts.

If you would like to see a demonstration of our Sage Integration software at work, call us on 0118-974-4736.